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Eyelash Extensions
save time
travel | sweat | waterproof
after 24 hours

Volume Eyelash Extensions

PROMO |  $195 Reg. $250

volume 2-3 week fill: $100

unlimited customized cruelty-free faux mink eyelash extensions. Volume (individually handcrafted 2D-5D lash fans placed on one natural lash). The most

dramatic of all sets! 

2.5-3 hour appointment.

Lash Removal

gentle gel removal of existing lashes.

Do not remove lashes yourself! Picking and pulling will pull out natural lash. Come in for simple gel removal.

20 min appt.


Lash Removal + Volume Lash Set

 promo | $190 Reg. $225

removal of previous lash extensions and new lash set. Please book either one of these services if you have lashes from an outside location.

3-3.5 hour appointment.

Lash Aftercare

Lash Aftercare is vital to maintaining the health and retention of your lash extensions. After 24 hours of not wetting your lashes you need to wash them with your Cocomango Lash Bath every 1-2 days with a Cleansing Lash Brush. If using makeup pour some Borboleta Lash Safe Makeup Remover onto your Cleansing Lash Brush and use to safely remove eye makeup, then cleanse with Lash Bath, pat dry, and brush with lash wand.

Cocomango Lash Splash $15

Cocomango Lash Cleansing Brush $7

Borboleta Makeup Remover $25

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