All NEW PEARBERRY Bubble Scoops make for tons of fluffy bubbles while soaking in a silky moisturizing bath filled with nourishing Cocoa Butter and Avocado Butters and the sweet scent of pear, apple, peach, raspberry, melon, lily of the valley, jasmine, a hint of musk, and vanilla!

The FIRST 20 orders of our Bubble Scoops + Bars will receive a FREE 100% Cotton Muslin Bag to activate bubbles!🛁
Step 1: Take out your mini muslin bag
Step 2: Have 1-2 Scoops ready
Step 3: Put Scoop into bag
Step 4: Turn on bath water to desired temperature
Step 5: Either hold bag under running water or Step 6: Tie Bag strings onto faucet to run under water for you
Step 7: Watch the bubbles pile up! We only used ONE Mini scoop for this whole tub!

*PLEASE NOTE: Since these bars are made with butters, you should always take caution in case the tub may be slippery. Bubble scoops do not work like bath bombs! Do not just *drop* your bubble scoop into the water like a bath bomb, it needs to be held directly under the running water for the best bubbles!

NEW PEARBERRY Bubble Scoops are packaged in sets of 2!

Net Wt. 1.2 ounces per scoop

2.4 ounces per bag of 2 scoops

All Cocomango Handmade + Vegan Body Care is:
+handmade with love!
+vegan | cruelty free
+SLS and paraben free
+phthalate free
+skin safe colorants

PEARBERRY Bubble Scoops

  • Ingredients: Glycerin, SLSA (derived from Coconut), Corn Starch, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Butter, Cream of Tartar, Fragrance, Polysorbate 80