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Hyaluron Needle Free Lip Fillers

BLACK FRIDAY PROMO | $199 1ml | Reg. $349

Hyaluron lips are done by inserting Hyaluronic Acid into the lips and skin via hyaluron pen. Our pen uses just the right amount of pressure to launch filler into the lips in a much more comfortable, safe, and less intimidating way than hypodermic needles! Contact us for any questions and a free consultation. 1 hour appointment.

Want to learn more? Read below!

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

+Hyaluronic Acid is a gel-like water binding molecule that our body naturally produces.

+Its function is to add volume and hydration to the skin and lips, giving it a plump. hydrated, and more youthful look.

+By adding Hyaluronic Acid to the lips, we revive the collagen to promote a fresh + plumping effect!

+BEWARE! There are many knock off brands of Hyaluronic Acid and hyaluron pens telling you to "DIY". PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. YOU CAN SEVERELY HURT YOURSELF BY TRYING TO DO SO.

+Sarah B. is a Licensed Esthetician and 2x Certified in Hyaluron Lip Fillers. She has studied, researched, and worked extensively on applying Hyaluron Lip Fillers SAFELY to her clients and only uses top quality pure and sterile, non-animal based Hyaluronic Acid to the lips.

More quick facts: 

+Needle Free


+Minimal pain/swelling/bruising if any at all (no numbing required as pain is mild-none)

+Procedure time 1 hour

+Results are natural + instant

+Lasts 6-9 months however results vary depending on lifestyle and body metabolism

+Our Hyaluronic Acid used is high-grade, non-animal based pure and sterile H.A.

Who cannot get Hyaluron Lips?

+If you have had any dermal fillers within the last 3 months


+Non-treatable epilepsy

+Pregnancy and lactation

+Blood diseases

+Herpes and cold sores (cold sore must be under control and treated before appointment)